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The Obama Administration has agreed with truck and engine manufacturers, as well as environmental groups in reference to the increased use of aluminum. It has been demonstrated that this particular precious metal can have a better impact on the environment, as it can greatly reduce the body weight of the truck which in turn emits less carbon.

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New EPA/NHTSA Heavy Truck Regs Tout Aluminum as the #1 Material to Boost Fuel …


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50 MPG Chevy Cruze Coming in 2013

GM has released more details on its upcoming Chevrolet Cruze, which is scheduled for release in the US by 2013. According to Ward’s Auto the Cruze will be capable of achieving 50mpg. This fuel efficiency will be achieved by its diesel engine; which will allow it to outperform the Chevy Cruze Eco in both fuel efficiency and power.

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Report: Chevrolet targeting 50 mpg with diesel-powered Cruze

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The Honda Insight – Underestimated?

This article talks about the Honda’s Insight, and how it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This car is similar to Toyota’s Prius with respect to the features. It’s not the fastest car in the market (horsepower is about 98 hp). Price of this car ranges from $19,800 to $23,100 – not bad for a true “green” car.

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The Overlooked Hybrid: Honda’s Insight | Article Directory

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