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Bummer: Fisker Karma Only Gets 52 MPGe Rating

The Fisker Karma finally got its official EPA fuel economy rating after years of anticipation.The Karma is officially rated at 52 MPGe and the Nissan Leaf is set at 99 MPGe.The company was claimed close to 68 mPGe for some time and also said that the car had an all electric range of 50 miles. The Karma is a luxury brand, and vehicles it is designed to compete with all get about the same mpg without the all electric bonus.

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Fisker Karma’s Official EPA Numbers Disappoint – Green Car Fans.

2012 fisker karma

Image by Fisker Auto

New-Car Fuel Economy Flat for September

Last Month (September), 22.1 mpg has been the average fuel economy of the cars sold. Despite the hype about green cars and better fuel economy, new car fuel economy has come down since March. Michael Sivak says that the drop in gas prices since the spring season and the unemployment caused the decrease in the fuel economy. Though the fuel efficiency became less, the fuel economy average is higher than that of cars manufactured four years ago.

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New-Car Fuel Economy Flat for September

2012 toyota prius v

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Town of Normal (IL) Goes “EV”

Mitsubishi installed 30 electric vehicle charging stations in the town of Normal, Illinois. They did this to boost sales of their new all electric vehicles. They are calling this the EV Town. The town has been doing poorly in the recent recession, and they hope that the program will help the region. The new electric vehicles are affordable to many people, with prices starting around $20,000.

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Mitsubishi Transforms Small Town Into EV Town.

mitsubishi i ev

Image by David Villarreal Fernández

Philippino Designers Create Biodegradable Concept Car!

Every automaker in the world is striving to use more and more recyclable and sustainable materials. A group of designers in the Philippines have taken a huge leap and made the world’s first biodegradable parts.

Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner have created a car, dubbed “The Phoenix,” set out to reduce waste materials. The body and interior of this car are made of bamboo, rattan, nylon and minimal amount of steel. It is powered by a small electric engine. Many doubts have been raised such as how will bamboo fare in a crash and many remarks have been made such that one may be as well driving in a car made of bubble wrap. One may giggle and poke fun at the car, but one can’t argue that the intention is solid and commendable.

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First Biodegradable Car Can Go In Curbside Garbage – Green Car Fans – Social Network for those of us whose passion is following the green, hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel vehicle industries.

Hybrid MSRP Premium Takes 6-10 Years To Pay Off

The MSRP of hybrid cars is comparatively less these days than at the time when they were first released. Why? It’s because more hybrid cars are available today. When first released, their MSRP was huge when compared to the standard gasoline cars available at the time. The Kia Optima hybrid and the Toyota Hybrid take 6 years to make up for the additional money in gas savings while the Hyundai Sonata hybrid and the Volkswagen Passat hybrid take 10 years to make up. The Ford Fusion takes a modest 8 years. The Toyota Prius is the leader and would take 3 years to pay off it’s MSRP when compared with the Toyota Camry. It seems that hybrids take long time to pay off because four-cylinder gasoline engines are offering more mpg and because gas prices have been falling. When this decrease in gasoline rates decreases, hybrids will start to pay off sooner.

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How Long Does It Take A Hybrid To Pay Off Its Extra MSRP? – Green Car Fans.

Kia-Badged EV On The Way?

Kia Motors, together with parent company Hyundai Motor Co, are planning (reportedly) to launch a Kia-badged small electric motor vehicle by year end and follow with more EVs starting in 2014. Kia’s first EV will be a small vehicle based on the platform underpinning the Hyundai i10 mini car.

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Report: Kia bringing EV to market this year

hyundai i10

Image by theKCB

Zero Motorcycles Sets Sights on Brazil

This article briefly explains the partnership that is been established between Grupo Izzo and Zero Motorcycles, in order to enhance the latter’s sales in Brazil after proving themselves in Europe through their exceptional growth. The company has introduced many new motorcycle models of which a few are the new Zero S, DS and XU.

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Zero Motorcycles Expands Sales Reach – Green Car Fans.

This article describes the decision made by President Obama with regard to the DOT. According to the words of Ray LaHood, the transportation secretary of the President, the heavy duty truck standards that are being issued by the EPA and the NHTSA at the transportation department will have a very huge impact on the truckers of Mexico.

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Obama’s EPA will add costs for cross-border trucking

2011 freightliner

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