The MSRP of hybrid cars is comparatively less these days than at the time when they were first released. Why? It’s because more hybrid cars are available today. When first released, their MSRP was huge when compared to the standard gasoline cars available at the time. The Kia Optima hybrid and the Toyota Hybrid take 6 years to make up for the additional money in gas savings while the Hyundai Sonata hybrid and the Volkswagen Passat hybrid take 10 years to make up. The Ford Fusion takes a modest 8 years. The Toyota Prius is the leader and would take 3 years to pay off it’s MSRP when compared with the Toyota Camry. It seems that hybrids take long time to pay off because four-cylinder gasoline engines are offering more mpg and because gas prices have been falling. When this decrease in gasoline rates decreases, hybrids will start to pay off sooner.

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How Long Does It Take A Hybrid To Pay Off Its Extra MSRP? – Green Car Fans.

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