Since his retirement, Norman Mineta, the longest serving U.S. Transportation Secretary in history, is urging a more common sense approach to allocating public funds as they apply to the development of automotive technologies.

He has released a white paper titled ”The Case for Technology Neutral Public Policy in Fuel Economy Debate: Allowing Performance To Determine Solutions” in which he asks that the government adopt a technology-neutral approach and allow mass-market adoption decide where funds should be allocated.

The paper makes many points, but one of the highlights is that high-efficiency gasoline and diesel engines are within 15 percent of the performance of EVs and hybrids and that these vehicles are the most effective way to lower emissions in the short and mid-term. He goes on to point out that the Obama administration’s preference for battery-assisted vehicles is siphoning needed money away from potentially better solutions.

While it makes sense to spread funds around for research, most administrations have put all of their eggs in one basket, so it is easy to see that the paper may have been published in vain.

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