Actress Daryl Hannah’s former 1983 El Camino pickup truck has been sold at auction for $2,250. In her sales video from four years back when she sold the vehicle on eBay for $10,000, the former mermaid can be seen not only driving her gun-metal grey matte finished classic car, but drinking the bio-diesel fuel that powers it. Its bio-diesel fuel is derived from recycled vegetable oil.

Hannah is a well-known supporter of green causes who does more than talk the talk. She has been touting the benefits of bio-fuel alternatives since around the time she finally refused to stay for Jackson Browne. Nine years ago, Hannah founded the Sustainable Biofuels Alliance. Since then, she demonstrated how useful biofuels are by powering her stock Chevy pickup truck for many years on fuel made from recycled vegetable oil for many years.       

The El Camino’s new owner is still a mystery at the time of this writing.  

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