Though they tend to make the headlines and fill the dreams of self-described progressives everywhere, electric vehicles are not the only player in the green vehicle game. In fact, there are several options to plug-ins that are not only viable, but also in some cases a better choice for the consumer.

One great option is the natural gas-powered vehicle. These cars burn clean and use a fuel that is readily available in the U.S. A second option is the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is powered by a system that nearly seems to be otherworldly. Fuel cells create water as a by-product as they combine oxygen from the air with hydrogen gas to produce electrons that power electric motors.

A well-known option is the hybrid vehicle. It has two motors, an electric one and one that is gas-powered. Hybrids are gaining in popularity since they are in effect electric cars with extended ranges. The next option, diesel, is more widely known than even the hybrids are. Diesel engines are known for being fuel efficient and burning cleaner than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The final green alternative to the plug in is the newer gasoline engines. Due to new technologies such as direct fuel injection, sophisticated variable valve timing, turbocharging and more advanced transmissions gasoline engines are forever becoming more fuel efficient and cleaner to burn.  

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