Generations of new car buyers have gotten a thrill each time they caught a whiff of their new steed’s interior. However, this enticing smell could prove to be downright hazardous.

According to a survey just released by the Ecology Center, the chemicals that make up these auto aromas are often volatile and, while no one but the writer of the above headline is suggesting that they can kill you, they can make you rather sick.

Speaking about this danger, Jeff Gearhart, research director at the Ecology Center, said, “Automobiles function as chemical reactors, creating one of the most hazardous environments we spend time in.” This aroma awareness is a departure from just a decade or so back when many automakers actually worked to create the classic new car scent within their vehicles.

The Ecology Center survey listed both the most dangerous and the cleanest from an interior chemical perspective. Smell-wise, the safest new cars are the Honda Civic, the Toyota Prius and the Honda CR-Z, while the most dangerous new vehicles are the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the Chrysler 300C and the Kia Soul.

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