1,023. That’s it. Chevy sold no more Volts than that in the second month of this year. What’s even more worrying is that the sum is merely 50% of the 2,347 Volts that the American automaker produced that same month.

Considering that General Motors original domestic target for the year was to move 45,000 Volts, both the sales and the production figures of February are disheartening. However, after selling 603 Volts in January, maybe the most current numbers are actually the start of a positive trend. 
Another hint of future Volt happiness is that the price of gas seems to be increasing in the U.S. nearly as quickly as an Ayatollah can throw stones at a wayward woman. The narrative coming from industry observers is that MPG efficiency will be at the forefront of car buyers as they step foot in showrooms across the nation, which, of course, will help the sales of plug ins and hybrids.   

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