The good news is that Fisker made a sale. The bad news is that the buyer of its $107,850 electric Fisker Karma was Consumer Reports. The downright terrible news is that the car broke down in just a few days with fewer than 200 miles on its undoubtedly stylish odometer.

The car broke down during the speedometer calibration runs the publication puts all of its vehicles through before the real testing begins. For reasons that Consumer Reports does not yet know, the transmission’s electronic shifter will only engage two gears: Park and Neutral. The selling Fisker dealer has taken the electric lemon away on the back of flatbed tow truck. Rumor has it that the tow truck successfully made use of a gasoline engine to make the 200 mile round trip.

Consumer Reports says that it purchases and tests around 80 cars every year and that the Fisker is the only one to earn an F before even finishing the check-in process. The publication’s website noted that it has had past problematic experiences with a Karma press car some time back. They’ve also heard of other media having similar problems with Fisker cars.

So if you’re a Greenwich native (highest per capita income in the US) with a $100,000+ CT auto loan you’re looking to spend (or perhaps you’ll just pay cash), you may want to look elsewhere for your super-stylish yet good-for-the-earth supercar.

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