New Delhi is a cutting edge city with cutting edge issues. Its city leaders need to ensure that its people have enough transportation to get them to and fro while at the same time not so much that it further clogs the already-sluggish New Delhi streets. Also, the leaders are forever fighting to do what they can to keep air pollution at manageable levels.

One way the leaders of India’s second largest city have done this is through the supporting of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), an effort that has made New Delhi home to one of the largest fleets of CNG vehicles on the planet.

Unfortunately for the green-minded folks of the city, not everyone is keen on being carried around town in CNG-fueled rickshaws, India’s famous three-wheeled vehicles. This becomes more widespread as the wealth of the city’s residents increase. The battle to come up with the proper mix of policy, incentives and laws is tough and likewise one that is shared by lawmakers throughout the world’s second most populous nation. And, there is no thought that this balancing act will get any easier any time soon since the nation’s urban population is expected to reach nearly 600 million within the next two decades from the mere 340 million it is today.

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