Not everyone is begrudging the high cost of gasoline, no, certainly not the good folks at Toyota. As the average nationwide price of a gallon of gas hovers close to $4, sales of the brand-new Toyota Prius C have been tremendous. In fact, Toyota has just announced that in a mere three days, the Japanese automaker has sold more than 1,201 of the hybrid hatchbacks.

This noteworthy number is more than the number of Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts sold in the entire month of February, including leap day. The official MPG for the Prius C is 53 MPG city and 46 highway. However, when the lads at tested their Prius C, they pulled 58.2 mpg miles out of it.  

There has been quite a bit of discussion as to why the Prius C has been such a hit, while the Leaf and the Volt have been, respectively, left floating in the wind and shorted out. There are two main causes for this disparity in success. First of all, the Prius C is vastly cheaper than both the Volt and the Leaf. Don’t believe it?  Check these local Prius leases.  Secondly, the popularity of the previous Prius models paved the way for the new hatchback.

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