Thirty years since we last heard from him, English Musician Thomas Dolby has made his way across the pond to pull a steampunk-themed time-traveling trailer over our American roads.

Considering that Dolby is a self-described tech and electric vehicle junky, some were hoping that an entry into the teardrop shaped trailer would give them a chance to zip into the future to see just how widespread electric vehicles had become. Unfortunately, these same Dolby-ites could only shake shake shake their green-blooded fists in the air when they realized that the Dolby time capsule was just a mocked up concept deal possessing no real time traveling powers.

However, despite the empty promise of his trailer, Dolby and his wife have been leading a green lifestyle for many years. His recording studio in the U.K. has a wind turbine and solar panels on its roof to provide its power. While, many years ago, when living in Los Angeles, he and his wife used an electric Ford Escort that was powered by a dozen batteries as their family’s second car.

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