If Fisker is known for much of anything, it is most likely its failure to produce working electric vehicles. Though the American company has a history of making grand promises and enticing us with beautiful concept cars, it has thus far not been able to make good on its boasts. Some of its failures have been fantastic and taken place on grand stages. The $107,850 Fisker Karma that the Consumer Reports purchased famously broke down on the publication before they were able to test the thing, and Fisker is under NHTSA investigation for a garage fire in Sugar Land, TX.

These types of missteps do not go unnoticed. They have forced the Department of Energy to at least momentarily stop loaning funds to Fisker. So far, DoE has given close to $200 million of the $529 million it has promised the carmaker. Also, the beautiful, non-running cars have caught the attention of the Republican Party.

Talking about how these types of green energy failures shine a bad light on the Obama administration, Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said, “President Obama’s failed investments in companies like Solyndra, Fisker and Ener1 are a constant reminder to the American people that this president does not understand how the economy works, does not understand the appropriate role for government and does not have any ideas to get America working again.”

Time and a national election will only tell how accurate Williams’ thought is.

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