Chevrolet has announced that the 2013 Chevrolet Volt will have a single-charge range of 38 miles. This is a three-mile increase over what owners of the 2012 Volt get.

The increased range is possible due to slight changes having been made to the material composition of its battery’s chemistry. The new battery’s storage capacity increased to 16.5 kWh from a mere 16 and will, as a result, require longer charger times taking up to 10.5 hours to fully charge on a 120V charger.

Charged about the improved battery, Bill Wallace, GM director of Global Battery Systems Engineering, said, “The best way to explain what we’ve done at the cell level is to compare it to a cake batter recipe.  Sometimes if you use more sugar and less vanilla you get a better tasting cake. We’ve done some work at the cell level to modify the ‘ingredients’ to make a better end result. This attention to detail will allow our customers to experience more pure EV range, which is the true benefit of owning a Volt.”

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