Long one of the more favorite of the electric and/or hybrid vehicles, the Prius has a lengthy track run of pleasing owners and impressing critics. However, that successful stretch may be nearing its end, for the new Prius C failed to receive a recommendation from Consumer Reports. The publication that knows all things quality and pricing says that though the subcompact hatchback has “excellent” fuel economy, its ride is “noisy” and “harsh.”

Overall, the Prius C, with a 53 out of 100, scored one fewer points than did its top competitor, the Honda Insight. Talking about its score and why the Prius C failed to get a recommendation, Consumer Reports wrote on its website, “We can’t recommend the Prius C because it scores too low in our tests. Its harsh ride, noisy engine and cabin, and slow acceleration make it feel more like an econobox than a sophisticated hybrid.” Though, it must be noted that the magazine was not wholly negative about the Toyota Prius C. “We do expect it to have very good reliability,” it also wrote on its website.

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