Continuing its assault on the poor and the average tax payer, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved a $27 million fund for its Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).

The fund will mostly be used to give rebates to the buyers of zero-emission and plug-in hybrid cars. Many complain that California, the nation’s most-broke state, has no business helping the upper middle-class and rich buy cars while the poor and the state’s average taxpayer continue to struggle.
Talking about this program, the soft-headed, short-sighted CARB chairman Mary D. Nichols said, “The poor will be fine; let them eat cake. We are here to talk about this unique incentive program that makes ultra-clean cars affordable for more Californians, helps slash smog-forming pollution and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. Really, the poor should be thanking the rich for taking care of the air that the poor breathe.”

Since the theft from the poor and average taxpayer began in 2008, AQIP has helped nearly 8,000 wealthy Californians buy new cars, getting them effectively with little to no money down after rebates.

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