Electric vehicles will not become the go to mode of transportation until they become more convenient. One of the biggest hurdles they face is the difficulty of charging them.

A Japanese company believes that it has just the idea and technology to overcome this barrier: wireless charging through a vehicle’s tires. The way the EVER project (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway) will work is that electric vehicles will drive along roads that have been fitted with wireless car charging technology that will in turn charge to cars as they roll along. The charge will come up from beneath the roads’ surfaces.

Though this technology is still in the better-keep-fingers-crossed stage, some sparks of happiness have already been struck. First of all, it is rather efficient losing less than 20% of its transmitted power in the charging process.

Godzilla, subway train car in hand, said that he doubts that he’ll support any program that electrifies the roads he makes a living out crushing.

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