Mazda has announced that it will offer its Mazda Demio electric vehicle for lease in western Japan starting this October. The Demio is the equivalent to the Mazda2 in America.

This is only an initial baby step for the Japanese automaker with only 100 of the vehicles being made available for lease. This is being done so that Mazda can better track how their vehicles and their drivers are getting along. If this trial works out, there is a good chance that the electric Mazda2 will make it into mass production and maybe to other countries.  This could be great news for eco-minded, budget-minded drivers.  After all, the Mazda compacts and subcompacts, such as the Mazda3, have made it onto lists such as the Top 6 40 MPG Sedans and Grooviest Cars to Own Under $18,000.

The current electric version has a single-charge range of 124 miles. 

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