In a blow that has wheatgrass enthusiasts frowning from coast to coast, many of the public charging stations dotting our roads and highways are now charging for their electricity. The free ride, it seems, is over.

Electric car drivers that are charging their vehicles at the stations that were set up with federal grant funding are being forced to pay up to $2.00 for each hour their vehicle is plugged in. With the speed that the typical electric car takes to fully charge, a full “tank” of electricity could cost a driver upwards of $275,151.92.

Many green enthusiast are Birkenstock-stomping angry. The progressive heroes say that it just isn’t fair that they’ve got to pay to keep the planet clean. Speaking about just this, Scrotie McBoogerballs, an air pollution specialist with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), said, “Doesn’t the public know that these brave drivers already had to bear some of the cost of the purchase of their electric vehicles? Don’t they know that our California State rebates only paid a paltry one-third of their vehicles’ purchase price? It’s times like this, when the good have to pay their own way, when I’m most scared for our state. It’s just not OK, not OK.”

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