AMP Electric Vehicles has announced that it has stopped converting gas-firing cars to electric, and will instead turn medium-sized commercial vehicles to purely-electric operation.

Talking about this decision, Stephen Burns, AMP’s CEO said, “People told us how surprised they were that our Mercedes SUV performed every bit as good as the original vehicle – except quieter, quicker and surprisingly refined. However, it became apparent that the short-term market for passenger car EVs did not grow as quickly as forecasters had predicted,”
Industry observers feel that despite having been converting gas cars to electric for many years, AMP simply could not compete with the electric cars being produced by the large car makers.

Burns continued, “We believe that we are in the right place in this industry [converting trucks] at the right time. We have already had preliminary talks with various end-user Fortune 500 companies whose brand names you would recognize. For the first time in our history, we are to the point that we are positioned to begin revenues.”

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