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Talk about a drag of a way to kick off the New Year, Tesla, the electric car maker that makes cars that people actually want, is kicking up the prices on all of the all-electric Model S sedans by $2,500 on January 1.

Worst of all, this price jump even impacts Model S cars that have yet to be released. If you want to avoid paying an additional $2,500, you’ve got to get your order in by December 31, 2012. Although the electric vehicle making company gave no explanation for its Scrooge approach to the New Year, the truth is that now is the time for Tesla to raise its prices for its cars are popular with both drivers and critics. In fact, the Tesla Model S was recently named the 2013 Automobile of the year by Automobile Magazine.

Nissan has announced that it will offer a limited warranty against battery capacity loss in its electric Leaf models. The New Electric Vehicle Limited Warranty will be implemented next Spring.
Nissan executive vice president, Andy Palmer, confirmed on the online forum that the limited warranty is on its way. The warranty will cover capacity loss in the first five years or 60,000 miles for customers in America. Batteries covered by the warranty will be replaced if their capacity drops below 70 percent.

Nissan will be the first carmaker to offer such coverage on electric-vehicle battery capacity loss.