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Teewave AR1 Electric Car – Magnificent!

The Project T.32 was done in house and was the prime attraction at its Tokyo debut. The tee wave AR1 was digitally designed by Toray Industries, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon fiber. Its ultra quick steering and powerful brakes have confirmed the design as the most attractive package.

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Official: Gordon Murray releases more details about electric Teewave AR1

BMW X6 Hybrid Terminated: Good Riddance!

The article is about the end of BMW X6 Active Hybrid, which is not very efficient given its hybrid drivetrain.  The buyers looking at the X6 Active Hybrid couldn’t hope for great efficiency since it weighs 400 pounds more than the non-hybrid X6. That means that around the town, the efficiency of X6 Active Hybrid was quite low.  So why would anyone spend the extra dough to own this car?

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Report: BMW X6 Active Hybrid cancelled with a quickness

2011 bmw x6

Image by MSVG

How To Avoid EV Range Panic Attacks

One of the challenges that every electric vehicle (EV) faces is its range. Many potential buyers fear that they will be caught off guard when their vehicle simply runs out of charge and will be left stranded. Now, you can use your smartphone to track your range availability.

A number of EV manufacturers have produced apps to work directly, and exclusively, with specific vehicles. Chevy has its Volt app, Nissan has its Leaf app, etc. Additionally, the makers of EV charging stations have developed apps meant to be used with any EV. The apps are intended to be used outside the vehicle and are engineered to communicate with paired vehicles to control scheduling or starting charging sessions or simply to turn on the vehicle’s air-conditioner or heater while the vehicle is plugged in. This allows owners to cool or warm the cabin without draining the battery.

By 2012 the apps are expected to be widespread with Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, Audi, BMW, Honda, Toyota and Volvo all offering apps. These apps may not sway buyers from one EV to another, but should help lure a few more buyers in general.  That said, the necessity for these applications shows that Americans are still not quite comfortable without the “backup” that a gasoline hybrid gives them.  For instance, the existence of a gas-combustion engine acts as a sort of Toyota Prius insurance policy. Before EV’s can rival hybrids in sales, US consumers will have to get acclimated to the lack of backup fossil fuel power.

New American EV Carmaker Has Grand Opening

First Coda Automotive, an electric car start-up based in California, has opened its first showroom in Los Angeles. The Coda electric car is a five-passenger, four-door model. It has a well above average range of 150km and the motor delivers 134bhp. The store is located in the West field Century shopping mall.T he budding electric car manufacturer has not launched its first sedan car yet, but it hopes the store’s location in a well-known shopping mall will create a lot of interest before the model goes on sale early in 2013.

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First Coda Electric Car Outlet Opens in the United States

The LEAST Fuel-Efficient Cars Around

What are the 10 Worst Gas Guzzler Cars that one one has to avoid buying in order to do his/her part to save Mother Nature?  The cars which are cited out in this article will take lot of money out of your pockets, since they deliver stupendously low mileage. Many automakers are represented in the list:  Ford, Chevy, Mercedes, etc.

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The 10 Worst Gas Guzzler Cars You Can Buy

bugatti veyron

Image by Axion23

The Obama Administration has agreed with truck and engine manufacturers, as well as environmental groups in reference to the increased use of aluminum. It has been demonstrated that this particular precious metal can have a better impact on the environment, as it can greatly reduce the body weight of the truck which in turn emits less carbon.

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New EPA/NHTSA Heavy Truck Regs Tout Aluminum as the #1 Material to Boost Fuel …


Image by tamahaji

50 MPG Chevy Cruze Coming in 2013

GM has released more details on its upcoming Chevrolet Cruze, which is scheduled for release in the US by 2013. According to Ward’s Auto the Cruze will be capable of achieving 50mpg. This fuel efficiency will be achieved by its diesel engine; which will allow it to outperform the Chevy Cruze Eco in both fuel efficiency and power.

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Report: Chevrolet targeting 50 mpg with diesel-powered Cruze

2011 chevy cruze

Image by ChrisMac09

The Honda Insight – Underestimated?

This article talks about the Honda’s Insight, and how it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This car is similar to Toyota’s Prius with respect to the features. It’s not the fastest car in the market (horsepower is about 98 hp). Price of this car ranges from $19,800 to $23,100 – not bad for a true “green” car.

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The Overlooked Hybrid: Honda’s Insight | Article Directory

2011 honda insight

Image by Rennett Stowe

Toyota PHEV Technology Greener Than Diesel

In this growing congested condition in cities worldwide, zero petrol consumption and exhaust emissions is the need of the hour for green revolution and this has been attained by Toyota’s Plug-in Hybrid technology (PHEV). Recent data collected in London over the past year show that Toyota’s PHEVs are more efficient consumption-wise than the diesel vehicles, more details on CAR Advice.

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Toyota Plug-in Hybrid vehicles more efficient than Diesels


2009 toyota prius



Greenest Carmaker? Toyota!

Nowadays conducting surveys is the best way to know about a company since it clearly reflects people’s mind. In one such survey conducted among 10,000 people by a consultancy, Interbrand, it has been established that Toyota, the leading car manufacturer of Japan is boasting the strongest green credentials followed by 3M and Siemens. Toyota has been eco-friendly by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its vehicles to support afforestation and recycling. More details on VV Warc.

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Toyota, 3M top green brands

toyota venza

Image by The Toad

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