In order to give an additional incentive for buyers to purchase a hybrid vehicle, California was allowing them to buy a sticker and drive in the HOV lane. Since most of the state is a traffic nightmare, you can imagine how much of an incentive that was. No more, says California officials.

Tax breaks and the HOV incentive are going by the wayside at the end of this year. That’s tough news for buyers who might have taken on a larger California car loan than they wanted to get the added benefits of hybrid ownership. When Jan. 1, 2012 rolls around hybrid owners will have to give way or add a passenger. Owners of the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, and other all electric and natural-gas powered vehicles will still have the option to grab a new ”green” sticker and use the HOV lane.

Using the HOV lane is a good incentive to those who are planning to buy one of the allowable vehicles. It is hard to tell what the overall impact will be on the Gridlocked State. Hopefully, it will be positive.

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Rolls-Royce Going Green?

The rising cost of petroleum products has made many people to think about the idea of alternative fuel and electric cars have already hit the roads. Rolls-Royce North America president, David Archibald discussed the potential of electric power in the future of luxury cars at the grand opening of its dealership in Chicago’s Gold Coast area when Kicking Tires had a chance to interact with him. More ideas on autoblog.

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Rolls-Royce discusses its potential future in electric cars

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Prius Still The Best Green Car?

Despite being the first hybrid, a study shows that Toyota Prius is still on top when it comes to green performance. It offers more than 40 percent reduction in global warming pollutants than gasoline equivalents. Toyota Lexus CT 200h topped the ranking in the luxury segment. Some automakers however are making a tradeoff in favor of power over fuel economy. Some hybrid models of Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW came in for this criticism.

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The original and still the best: Toyota Prius named greenest hybrid car by …

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Nissan LEAF Sales Stellar

The fact that Green technology is revolutionizing the auto-mobile industry is obviously evident from the sales of the LEAF, the electric model from Nissan. Nissan has sold 4,000 cars in 8 months in just 7 U.S states which has earned it World Car of the Year 2011, besides receiving a Top Safety Pick from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Details are available in “inhabitat.”

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4000+ Nissan LEAFs Have Now Been Sold in the US

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2013 Chevy Cruze…Diesel?

General Motors Co will introduce a diesel car in 2013 to the US market. This is a diesel version of the present Chevrolet Cruze. According to them this will improve the fuel economy of the country. Diesel engine cars are costlier than gas engine cars. Because of this the automobile manufactures are not willing to introduce the diesel models. It is difficult to judge weather the people will accept this model due to its high cost.

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Diesel Cruze to sell in US

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